Bilingual Program
Alpha Green Preschool offers a full immersion program in English, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian and German language for kids from 18 month till 6 years. Parents can choose 2 or 3 languages depending on the program enrolled.

We split the day in three learning sessions and each session covers regular learning and is conducted by a native speaker in one of the selected languages. The topics of all sessions are closely connected. If we study “space” today, kids will learn about space in English session, about taikonauts in Mandarin session and about Sputnik in Russian session.

‘Play in language’ approach not only helps children to learn the language better but also works on speech development using articulation exercises, fine motor skills development, phonics and storytelling skills during our daily routine.
Language Support Program for all levels included.
1:1 sessions available for English, Mandarin, Russian and German languages
English is the main language used in preschool for communication with children during the school time and outside of the bilingual program classes.

For English grammar and literacy we use a UK based program - Jolly Phonics and Oxford Tree Reading materials. K1 and K2 students have weekly individual 1:1 reading sessions with the teacher to prepare for primary school.

We also provide an English Language Support (ELS) program for children who are not proficient in English yet.
English Preschool Program
Children with all levels of German language ability, from absolute beginners to native speakers, are welcomed!

Small group size and a daily schedule filled with enriching activities encourage children in our German preschool immersion program to learn through play.

Our native German speaking teachers speak exclusively German with kids, using a range of methods to promote language learning regardless of every child's initial exposure to German language. This program is a great opportunity for families who're living in Singapore and want their children to speak German more, and also understand the culture and traditions.
Chinese (Mandarin) Language
Alpha Green Preschool provides an engaging, fully immersive, in-person language environment where children learn skills to begin a lifetime of discovery and inspiration.

Our teachers are native speakers from mainland China and have excellent international experience working in early childhood education in Singapore and abroad.They conduct all classes in Mandarin and design fun-filled activities to introduce young learners to Chinese culture.

This program is a great option for non-Chinese-speaking families who want to give their child opportunity to explore another language, and also a good option for children who have at least one Mandarin-speaking parent, to retain their Mandarin skills beyond the toddler years and build a solid foundation for future language learning.
Our Russian language immersion preschool program is suitable for a Russian-speaking families to support their mother tongue and culture, as well as for families that wish to teach their children Russian language in Singapore.

We offer high quality, child-centered Russian-speaking day care and preschool program combining both IEYC framework and traditional methods of Russian early childhood education.

Our teachers work on speech development, reading practice, writing skills and preparation for primary school.
German Preschool Program Deutscher Kindergarten
Russian Preschool Program
Русский детский сад
We believe in the ‘study and play in language’ approach when kids experience the advantage of fun, constant, one-on-one interaction with our native speaker teachers
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