We all know there are no two children who learn the exact same way. Every child will have different preferences for engaging with their learning. However, children with special needs may require additional, different levels of support within the classroom.

In an inclusive classroom, students with special needs receive an Individual Education Plan (IEP) tailored to their unique learning goals but still integrated to daily activity of the group. Our teachers and parents can then work together to ensure that the students’ IEP requirements are being met from within the classroom.
We provide the possibility for parents to stay together with the child or there can be a shadow teacher assisting them during the day.

For soft adaptation we offer short term programs with only 2-3 hours per day. During this time at school kids will build their own routine and get used to surrounding and new people around them.
Before starting the program parents will be offered a 3-5 days trial to understand if our program can fully meet their needs and expectations.
Aside from academic curriculum, one of the biggest goals for children with special needs is to receive professional support with social-emotional development and easy socialisation. Being involved in group activity helps them to understand how to interact and communicate with different age and ability children. Also, they learn not to be afraid of changing environment and other people.
You can be satisfied that your child’s welfare is our number one priority. All our teachers have CPR and First Aid Certificates
Another goal is to develop healthy eating habits and provide kids with fresh, well balanced and nutritious food during the day! We can cater individual dietary requests and offer a healthy menu for every child's needs.
Speech Therapist can be provided on request.
Inclusive education in Singapore
We believe children of all abilities have the right to be fully included in a regular classroom to receive high quality education in a nourishing environment
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