A special offer for INSEAD students and their families
For INSEADres by INSEADers
Alphagreen Preschool is founded by ex-INSEAD partner. After going INSEAD experience ourselves with our 4yo girl, we understand all the complexities of adapting in Singapore and living hectic INSEAD schedule. That's why we decided to make a special offer for current students.
  • First, we waive registration fees and deposit.
  • Second, you can follow the periods of INSEAD curriculum and not worry about advance notices.
Location and transport
Our campus is located in the greener part of Singapore - at Upper Bukit Timah. It is 14 minutes drive from INSEAD. We provide a school bus to pick up and drop off.
About our childcare
Alphagreen Preschool is an international childcare, welcoming kids from 18 months to 6 years old.
  • We provide immersion language program in English, Mandarin, German and Russian - our students can take 2 or 3 languages.
  • Montessori classes for the small ones and international program - IPC for the pre-school kids.
  • And lots of outdoor time and gardening
About us
After staying in Singapore, France, briefly living in US, we finally settled in Singapore and had 3 more kids. Two of them are going to our Alphagreen preschool now.
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