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Interview with Alpha Green Founder Olga Belskaya
Today, we're speaking with the founder of Alpha Green Preschool - first urban green preschool nestled in Singapore's lush Bukit Timah district. Let’s uncover the journey and ethos behind this unique educational establishment.
What inspired you to establish Alpha Green Preschool and School in Singapore?
— The quest for a suitable preschool for my children set me on this path. The core of my vision was a place where children could revel in a barefoot childhood, immersed in nature, indulging in play and exploration. I wanted a haven where each child's uniqueness was nurtured, fostering holistic growth. After searching in vain for such a setting, I decided to create it.
The core of my vision was a place where children could revel in a barefoot childhood, immersed in nature, indulging in play and exploration.
Beyond the preschool, what should people know about your background?
— Alpha Green is our third educational venture. My journey spans from teaching to consulting, with a focus on bilingual and Montessori enrichment for children and teenagers. Being part of an international community and raising bilingual children myself has deepened my commitment to early childhood development.
What aspects of Singapore do you find most appealing, particularly in your professional realm?
— Having relocated here 12 years ago, the welcoming spirit of the international community struck a chord with me. The fusion of Singapore’s island heritage with Western influences makes it a fantastic place for families.
When was Alpha Green Preschool opened?
— Our preschool opened its doors last August, with the KIT school following in February 2022. Tucked away near the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, the preschool serves as a tranquil enclave for daily nature immersion, while our school is strategically placed in the Central Business District, boasting modern facilities conducive to a comprehensive learning experience.
What is unique about Alpha Green Preschool?
— We pride ourselves on our individualized approach and bilingual programs, including German, Mandarin, and Russian. Our team comprises native-speaking educators with a wealth of international experience in bilingual teaching, ensuring authenticity and depth in language acquisition. Our curriculum melds the International Early Year and Primary Curriculum with alternative methodologies like Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, and Montessori, ensuring a bespoke educational journey for each child.

What truly sets us apart in Singapore is our dedication to outdoor learning. Children spend up to three hours each day outside, engaging in play and structured learning, which is exceptional for a metropolitan city like Singapore. This extensive exposure to the outdoors is instrumental in fostering a well-rounded academic and emotional development, as they learn in the embrace of nature.

We also take great pride in our nutritious, freshly prepared daily menus, accommodating various dietary requirements including vegetarian and gluten-free options.
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