What can parents and schools do about it
Is myopia a pandemic?
Outdoor time works to slow down and even reduce risk of myopia in kids. Preschools and schools can play the key role by introducing daily outdoor leaning time in their program.
Is myopia a pandemic?
Myopia is a condition that has been growing across the world. 50% of the world population is expected to suffer from myopia by 2050. But what is the cause? Can parents do something today to prevent this condition or at least slow down its development is their kids?
Should we blame smartphones?
Over the years, many things have been blamed as a cause of myopia. First it were books, then TV and lately smartphones and tablets. In general, education seems to be a major factor. The increased pressure on young children in education has correlated with myopia cases. Knowing that can just increase the desperation. Surely, we can’t compromise our kids' education for the same of eyes health!
Luckily, there might be a ray of hope here. All these factors — reading books, playing computer games or studying tend to be indoor activities. Recent studies have shown that outdoor time significantly slows down the progression of myopia, and some studies even demonstrated ability to reduce risk of myopia development.
Outdoor time combats myopia
Various research has demonstrated effect of outdoor time on myopia control. While the mechanism are still not clear, it is hypothesized there is a connection with the brightness levels, spectrum of light or other factors. Relevant studies if you want to read more - one, two
Educational institutions can play a major role in the fight against myopia by including outdoor studying in their curriculum, and it can be done with even better learning outcomes.

One study encouraged participating schools in Taiwan to introduce 120 minutes of outdoor learning every day in their program - the program called Tian-Tian. The results were a great success, with a reversal of the long-term trend toward increased low visual acuity in school children in Taiwan.

In Alpha Green preschool, we follow the scientific approach in designing our programs. We have introduced a minimum 3-hour outdoor time for our kids, that includes gardening, PE, cooking, and language classes.

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