Outdoor Program
Outside, kids can use their five senses to explore the world, be more creative and more curious. Outdoor play allows kids to be more physically active, enhances their motor skills, strengthens the immune system, increases focus and ability to retain information, reduces stress level.
Exposure to nature tends to improve cognitive function and emotional balance
Inspired by Waldorf schools approach we want to provide an unhurried and creative learning environment where children can find joy in learning, experience the richness of childhood and be close to nature.

Our green and spacious playground provides an excellent opportunity for kids outdoor physical activity and world exploration in the middle of urban SIngapore.
Our full time program includes minimum 3 hours of outdoor time a day
In our urban apartments, we are so distant from real-world experiences. That's why we decided to add gardening as a part of our education program.

Here in Alpha Green preschool every child takes care of his own tiny garden — a few plants. Daily watering, caring, and observing the growth of the plants help kids not only develop their social - emotional skills but also learn more about nature around us.
If you ask a 3 year old child where the berries come from the most popular answer will be – from the shop!
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