Alpha Green Preschool
Outdoor learning and Gardening
We recognize the importance of quality outdoor time for young kids. Our full-time program includes a minimum 3-hour outdoor time a day.
Healthier kids
Exposure to nature tends to improve cognitive function and emotional balance. Outside, kids can use their five senses to explore the world, be more creative and more curious. Outdoor play allows kids to be more physically active, enhances their motor skills, strengthens the immune system.
Outdoor time slows down and even reduces risk of myopia
We, parents, have blamed books, TV, and smartphones. But maybe the trick is that these are indoor activities? Recent studies show that daily outdoor time might be the key.
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Better learners
One study has demonstrated that outdoor classes actually increase focus, ability to retain information and reduces stress levels
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Ask kids where the berries come from
If you did this in a classroom full of 3-year-olds, you know what is the most popular answer — from a shop! In our urban apartments, we are so distant from real-world experiences. In Alpha Green Preschool, every child takes care of his own tiny garden — a few plants. Daily watering, caring, and observing the growth of his plants.