Meet Alpha Green Team
  • Olga Belskaya
    Founder, CEO

    A serial “edupreneur”, currently building a magnificent urban-green preschool and school in Singapore.

    "Looking at my own four kids I could see that our city kids have little understanding of the environment and even think the veggies come from the grocery shop.

    That’s why when I decided to open the urban green school in Singapore, I wanted urban-green learning to be an integral part of the curriculum. All our kids learn about a balanced lifestyle, harmony with nature, practice gardening, explore green technologies, and sustainable living in a big city.

    After going INSEAD experience ourselves with our 4yo girl, we understand all the complexities of adapting in Singapore and living hectic INSEAD schedule. That's why we decided to make a special offer for current students. First, we waive registration fees and deposit. Second, you can follow the periods of INSEAD curriculum and not worry about advance notices."

  • Ms. Lily Sofia Immanuvel Raj

    Education: Bachelors in Arts (English Literature) / Annamalai University Chennai, India, Diploma in preschool teaching (DPT) / Learning Captial Singapore Singapore, Diploma in Preschool Teaching / RTRC (SEED Institute) Singapore

    Experience: With 16 years of experience in the preschool sector, Ms. Sofia is a trained Early Childhood Educator, Leader, Mentor, and Management Staff who is committed to ensuring the success and happiness of every child in our school community.

    Teaching approach / techniques / motto: Ms. Sofia firmly believes that cooperation between home and school is essential for every child to exceed and build trust and self-esteem. She is dedicated to meeting the needs of our young ones and interacting with you and other community members efficiently.

  • Ms. Anagha
    English Teacher

    Education: Early Childhood Education / Bachelor's and Master's degree in Science.

    Experience: experienced teacher and has been working with children in their early childhood for several years.

    Teaching approach: I'm looking forward to partnering with you during this wonderful learning journey of your child. I believe in open communication and collaboration with parents to ensure that each child reaches their full potential.

  • Ms. Laura Oliva
    Bilingual teacher / German language

    Education: University of Regensburg, where she majored in German language and studied didactic subjects such as English, Mathematics, and Art.

    Teaching approach / techniques / motto

    Ms. Oliva's approachable and friendly manner, combined with her commitment to inspire and develop students' potential, makes her a perfect fit for our team.

    Her qualities of flexibility, empathy, trustworthiness, and solution-oriented thinking further enhance her ability to connect with our students and create a positive learning environment.n.

  •  Yana Belskaia
    Bilingual teacher / Russian language / Speech Development Specialist

    Education: Master degree in Social sciences / Diploma with a degree in Speech Therapy, The Peoples' Friendship University of Russia / Primary school teacher, Russian as Foreighn language, Moscow State University / Montessori Certified Teacher.

    Experience: Yana has 15 years of experience in teaching, 6 years in speech therapy. She specialises in teaching bilingual children from an early age to middle school age. As a Russian language support teacher, Iana is working with kids struggling with sounds reproduction, delay in speech development, alalia, autism spectrum disorder.

    Teaching approach / techniques / motto: To provide overall holistic development to the child and nourish his talents we have to use different instruments and programs. In my practice I use not only an academic approach, but a lot of games to keep children involved and interested. Another secret ingredient is love.

  • Ms. Tasia
    English Teacher Playgroup and Nursery

    Experience: Ms. Tasia has been in the Early Childhood Education industry since 2018 and has acquired valuable knowledge and skills during this time. She is a mother of three little girls and knows the importance of creating a safe and nurturing environment for young children. She is committed to providing your child with the best possible learning experience, one that fosters their curiosity and love of learning.

    Teaching approach / techniques / motto: Ms. Tasia has a passion for reading and writing and loves to listen to stories and tell stories herself. With her interest in storytelling, she will bring creativity and imagination to her classroom, making learning a fun and engaging experience for your child.

  • Ms. Jaya
    English Language Teacher / Assistant Teacher

    Education: Cambridge International Certificate and Diploma in Teaching and Learning / Certification in first aid course / Certification in AED CPR / Montessori Pre-school

    Experience: Worked as a full time permanent care teacher and as an Asst. Teacher with a reputed Montessori school in Singapore, teaching English to PG, N1 kids.

    Teaching approach / techniques / motto: Ms. Tasia has a passion for reading and writing and loves to listen to stories and tell stories herself. With her interest in storytelling, she will bring creativity and imagination to her classroom, making learning a fun and engaging experience for your child.

  • Siti Nadia Binte Jamil 
    Assistant Teacher

    Education: O Levels / Fundamentals Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education (FECCE).

    Teaching approach / techniques / motto: I believe that each child is unique and has a different personality hence I must be able to understand them well and treat them accordingly.

  • Sun Qin Qin
    Mandarin Language Teacher (Laoshi), Assistant Teacher

    Education: Fundamentals Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education (FECCE).

    Experience: 4.5 years.

    Teaching approach / techniques / motto: Every child blooms at their own pace. I believed in creating a stress free environment to learn as the children are still very young. I hoped by exposing them to stories telling, singing and dancing would spark their interest in Chinese language which tends to be the least spoken these days!

  • Alexandra Novikova
    Music Appreciation

    Education: Kishinev Music Academy Master degree in teaching music, with specialization in piano and additional studies in conducting and voice / Post-graduate studies in voice under professor Arkady Lukovish.

    Experience: Voice teacher at the Australian International School (since 2000), Singapore Lyric Opera (since 2003), LaSalle College of the Arts (since 2011) and other private schools. Given the award of “Inspirational Teacher” at the 2010 Zhong Sin International Music Competition and “Excellence in Music Education” at the 2013 Prima Artists International Music Competition.

    Teaching approach / motto: Alexandra is a highly rewarded music specialist with international experience and enormous passion for music. Teaching music to all ages from preschool to university students in different disciplines. Her Students have excelled, getting leading parts in performance and taking prizes in competitions. Several students have performed at Carnegie Hall; another student was a finalist in MediaCorp’s Young Talent Competition.

  • Durga Pandey
    Gardening Ambassador Program

    Education: Training programmes for schools and firms (Get Digging) / Self -Realization studies / Early Childhood Development / Drama / Gardening.

    Experience: I took my interest in teaching further to understand better about the development of children from a young age (Early Childhood Development) to better understand and facilitate better management of emotions. Through my teaching journey, I learnt how to use different teaching pedagogy to connect better with children together with their parents.

    My journey took me to Centre Stage when I was finding a way to use Arts and Aesthetic form of expression to teaching. I was involved in bringing children to production and self-expression unleashing the potential of using drama as a tool to effective communication and building confidence and creativity in children. Students who were not displaying keen interest in social activities were having so much fun through the process. It was a joy to see them so happy and myself to be able to guide and witness their growth!

    Teaching approach / motto: For me, journey is more important than the destination, thus, as a facilitator, my emphasis is always the process rather than the results.

    Releasing the pressure, expectations put on the results usually brings in more joy and satisfaction in creating the project at hand and also forging smoother social - emotional skills within the team.

    We discuss the broader picture as a class and then find the pebbles leading to it and sometimes we try to connect the pebbles to bring us to our goal, making each journey, one of growth.

    Play is a beautiful process, and having a focus, makes play meaningful. I encourage children of all ages to question the reason behind doing things, as with that, emotion gets better understood.

  • Anastasiia Artemova
    Head teacher / Preschool operations manager

    Education: Specialist in Chemistry Lomonosov Moscow state university / PhD in materials science and engineering NTU / Teaching assistant certificate / Certificate of completion level 1 implementing IPC.

    Experience: Teaching kids from grade 1 till O-level, curriculum and teaching flow administration.

    Teaching approach / techniques / motto: Application of knowledge is the most important, math games and logical tasks transform knowledge to skills

    I try my best for kids to fall in love with the most difficult subjects and believe in themselves, be able to overcome the challenges and try their best and more than their best.

  • Ms. Tetiana Myronchuk

    Ballet Teacher

    Experience: Tetiana is a certified dance instructor from Ukraine with wealthy experience in teaching ballet to students of all ages and abilities in Ukraine and Singapore. She is a founder of "Ballet by Tetiana V" ballet studio in Singapore. She aim to improve children’s skills in movement, control, coordination, strength and flexibility. We follow Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus and her own developed system suitable for boys and girls aged 2,5 – 6,5 who love to dance.

    Teaching approach / techniques / motto: I strongly believe that through the dance everyone can communicate and express themselves.

    In my students I only hope to inspire love to dance and encourage them to pursue their dreams whatever they may be!

  • Ms. Tatiana

    Assistant Teacher / Art Teacher / Russian Program

    Education: Bachelor of Arts in History / Diploma in Fine Art

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