Alpha Green Preschool
Meet Alpha Green Team
Olga Belskaya
Founder, CEO

A serial “edupreneur”, currently building a magnificent urban-green preschool and school in Singapore.

"Looking at my own four kids I could see that our city kids have little understanding of the environment and even think the veggies come from the grocery shop.

That’s why when I decided to open the urban green school in Singapore, I wanted urban-green learning to be an integral part of the curriculum. All our kids learn about a balanced lifestyle, harmony with nature, practice gardening, explore green technologies, and sustainable living in a big city.

After going INSEAD experience ourselves with our 4yo girl, we understand all the complexities of adapting in Singapore and living hectic INSEAD schedule. That's why we decided to make a special offer for current students. First, we waive registration fees and deposit. Second, you can follow the periods of INSEAD curriculum and not worry about advance notices."

Ms. Vithyadevi

Education: Advanced Diploma in Early childhood Leadership /Diploma with Merit in Early Childhood Care and Education / Diploma in Mass Communication / Diploma in Educational Studies / Cambridge International Diploma in Teachers and Trainers.

Experience: My Early Childhood experience has given me an opportunity to work with students from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds for almost 18 years. I have explored various early childhood settings ranging from International and Local kindergarten, childcare, educational and enrichment centres.

Teaching approach / techniques / motto: As a leader, I take pride in nurturing and guiding my students, teachers and families to develop a love for learning that enhances their ability to become contributing individuals to their community.

Noorliza Md Noor (Liza)
Head of English Program / English Teacher 

Education: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Childhood Studies and Guidance and Counselling - Northumbria University (UK) / Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (Teaching) - Asian International College (Singapore).

Experience: More than a decade of teaching experience in international schools and Singapore preschools.

Teaching approach: Advocate of the Reggio Emilia and play-based approach.


Motto: "I don't inspire to be a teacher. I inspire to be an awakener."

Ms. Khavi
Vice Principal / Lead Teacher / English Language Teacher

Education: Master of Education from Monash University Australia.

Experience: An international school teacher in various primary schools in Singapore. I started off as a preschool educator in the year of 2012 and gained my qualifications specialising in Early Years Education. I enjoy planning a curriculum that suits the different learning styles and needs of my students.

Teaching approach / techniques / motto: Personally, I believe a lot of learning can happen outdoors and while playing. I practice this when handling really young students and have witnessed great progress in their socio-emotional, physical, numeracy and literacy skills. My teaching technique usually involves students learning to make sense of the world around them while developing the cognitive skills and self-confidence they require to become the leaders of the future.

Valeria Aterley
Bilingual teacher (German language)

Education: MSc in International Business, Hatha Yoga teacher licence.

Experience: International experience in teaching languages to children, corporate clients and in individual lessons, bilingual teacher.

Teaching approach / techniques / motto: I use Montessori and Reggio Emilia teaching approach, I believe every child is unique and has his or her own temperament and learning style. The child brings this uniqueness into each new experience and takes an active role in the process of learning through their engagement in these experiences.

I am there to support the children on their learning path and to help them discover their interests.

Aidym Lovisotto
Bilingual teacher (German language)

Education: Degree in economics / Kids yoga teaching.

Experience: Playgroup leader, gross motor physical activities and kids yoga teacher, bilingual teaching German English.

Teaching approach / techniques / motto: Having two multilingual and cross cultural children on my own I understand the challenges and advantages that come with such a - as of today - unconventional way of growing and living. Teaching must be adapted to those kids who might learn at a broader but slower path as they will progressively translate their new knowledge into the different languages they are exposed to. I believe that patience, a clear plan and consistency are the keys for teaching those children who are going to shape our future and gaining their trust by understanding their needs is an important step towards a good teacher- student teamwork.

Mila Myachkova
Bilingual teacher (German / English / Russian)

Education: Master of Arts in European Studies University Degree / Languages.

Experience: Experience in early childhood development / volunteering at children events / organising children events.

Teaching approach / motto: I use a small group instruction teaching approach, where I can cater to individual needs of children and work closely with each child on their individual learning objectives. My lessons are based on the ieyc curriculum, however I incorporate some Montessori principles and materials into my lessons. I believe that each child is unique and naturally curious and everyone has their own way of learning. As a teacher I have to find the right approach to each child and let their curiosity stimulate the learning process.

 Yana Belskaia
Bilingual teacher (Russian language) / Speech Development Specialist

Education: Master degree in Social sciences / Diploma with a degree in Speech Therapy, The Peoples' Friendship University of Russia / Primary school teacher, Russian as Foreighn language, Moscow State University / Montessori Certified Teacher.

Experience: Yana has 15 years of experience in teaching, 6 years in speech therapy. She specialises in teaching bilingual children from an early age to middle school age. As a Russian language support teacher, Iana is working with kids struggling with sounds reproduction, delay in speech development, alalia, autism spectrum disorder.

Teaching approach / techniques / motto: To provide overall holistic development to the child and nourish his talents we have to use different instruments and programs. In my practice I use not only an academic approach, but a lot of games to keep children involved and interested. Another secret ingredient is love.

Irina Mittra
Bilingual teacher (Russian language)

Education: Diploma in Montessori Method Teaching, Diploma in Russian language as a foreign language teaching, Diploma in Computer Science Teaching and Mandarin as a foreign language teaching, Wushu and Yoga trainer.

Experience: one year experience of Montessori method teaching, two years experience of teaching Russian as a foreign language and speech development, more than 10 years Mandarin teaching for children as a tutor and primary school teacher, more than 17 years Wushu teaching and Yoga practice. 

Teaching approach / techniques / motto: The main attention is on the child's awareness and emotional intelligence. The target is to "awake" children and show them the path to successful realisation of their inner natural potential.

Barbara Rendel
Bilingual teacher (German language)

Education: Bachelor of education, Pädagogische Hochschule Graz, Austria / Language learning coordination with focus on German as foreign language / First aid and lifeguard certification / High school for economics, Graz, Austria.

Experience: 10 years primary school teacher in Germany, anti-bullying program trainer.

Teaching approach / techniques / motto: Take the children by the hand and create freedom to develop themselves. Learning by doing.

Ramizah Begam
Assistant Teacher

Education: Fundamentals in early childhood care and education / Advanced diploma in special needs education / Diploma in counselling studies.

Experience: English Asst teacher / Learning support teacher. 

Teaching approach / techniques / motto: I believe that each child has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world. I strive to provide an environment by laying the foundation of respect and inclusiveness to all children and their families.

Siti Nadia Binte Jamil 
Assistant Teacher

Education: O Levels / Fundamentals Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education (FECCE).

Teaching approach / techniques / motto: I believe that each child is unique and has a different personality hence I must be able to understand them well and treat them accordingly.

Sun Qin Qin
Mandarin Language Teacher (Laoshi), Assistant Teacher

Education: Fundamentals Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education (FECCE).

Experience: 4.5 years.

Teaching approach / techniques / motto: Every child blooms at their own pace. I believed in creating a stress free environment to learn as the children are still very young. I hoped by exposing them to stories telling, singing and dancing would spark their interest in Chinese language which tends to be the least spoken these days!

Durga Pandey
Spectrum Class - exclusive life and career development program for teenagers

Education: Training programmes for schools and firms (Get Digging) / Self -Realization studies / Early Childhood Development / Drama / Gardening.

Experience: I took my interest in teaching further to understand better about the development of children from a young age (Early Childhood Development) to better understand and facilitate better management of emotions. Through my teaching journey, I learnt how to use different teaching pedagogy to connect better with children together with their parents. 

My journey took me to Centre Stage when I was finding a way to use Arts and Aesthetic form of expression to teaching. I was involved in bringing children to production and self-expression unleashing the potential of using drama as a tool to effective communication and building confidence and creativity in children. Students who were not displaying keen interest in social activities were having so much fun through the process. It was a joy to see them so happy and myself to be able to guide and witness their growth!

Teaching approach / motto: For me, journey is more important than the destination, thus, as a facilitator, my emphasis is always the process rather than the results. 

Releasing the pressure, expectations put on the results usually brings in more joy and satisfaction in creating the project at hand and also forging smoother social - emotional skills within the team. 

We discuss the broader picture as a class and then find the pebbles leading to it and sometimes we try to connect the pebbles to bring us to our goal, making each journey, one of growth. 

Play is a beautiful process, and having a focus, makes play meaningful. I encourage children of all ages to question the reason behind doing things, as with that, emotion gets better understood.