Alpha Green Preschool
Our Fees
1-month money-back guarantee. Cancel within the first month and we will refund till last cent!
Half Day
— From 8-30am to 12-30pm
— Bilingual program
— IEYC curriculum, organic snack, delicious lunch
1863 SGD
Per month
Full Day
— From 8-30am to 6pm
— Bilingual program with ability to take third language
— IEYC curriculum, organic snack, delicious lunch
2180 SGD
Per month
Additional language
Take third language in addition to English and mother tongue
+ 370 SGD 
Per month
Other fees
Registration fee. One-time payment.
425 SGD
Deposit (refundable). Notification of withdrawal should be made in writing at least 6 weeks in advance
1800 SGD
Insurance (per annum)
10.7 SGD
2 sets of uniform
65 SGD
45 SGD
  1. All fees are before subsidy
  2. Bilingual program is conducted in two languages:
  • English and Mandarin
  • English and German
  • English and Russian
There is an option to add the Mother Tongue program as a 3rd language for a full day pre-school program