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Gardening Ambassador Program
Introducing Gardening Ambassador Program every Mondays with Ms Durga as part of GREEN INITIATIVES of Alpha Green Preschool. 

This program brings in an element of curiousity, discovery, structure-building, negotiations with peers over common goals and most importantly creating possibilities with everything around them.

Working with dirt/mud allows kids to connect and interact with the natural world around them which is a great way to develop tactile skills through creativity and imagination.

Durga Pandey
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Mycobacterium vaccae which is found in mud, shields us against anxiety, stress and together with a cup of mint tea, a calmer self. Not only does playing in the mud stimulate our immune system, provide valuable minerals, and improves our health, it also makes us happier and more emotionally balanced.
Gardening does not come with a set of printed instructions and is an activity that nurtures self- directed learning. With exploration and experimentation, self-directed learners expand and improve their own pace of learning without much adult interruption, sparking their curiosity and self-motivation which are the core values for little gardening ambassadors at Alpha Green.
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