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St. Martin's Day Celebration
On Friday, 11th November, we celebrated St. Martin's Day with our German speaking children. The children learned about Saint Martin of Tours and the story of Saint Martin sharing his cloak with a man who was begging in the cold. We talked about the values of sharing and helping others.

Mila Myachkova
Bilingual teacher (German / English / Russian language)
The children performed "the cloak sharing" scene and sang songs associated with the celebration of St. Martin's Day.

Following the acting and singing in class, we had a small lantern procession in the garden when we sang songs and walked with our colourful lanterns that we had made in the past days. At the end, every child received a homemade Weckmann, a sweet bread roll that is consumed on St. Martin's Day in some parts of German speaking countries. It was a fun day!
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